Company Background

Here's some simple breakdown on what we give.


AKRSB runs extra miles to show customers our gratitude by providing professional services and ensuring cleanliness from time to time. We build and bund their waste oil collection area by replacing their oil drums with an IBC tank of a 1 ton capacity depending on customers need and also clearing up any oil spillage after collection.

Old and dirty IBC tank will be replaced as well, in which all of the services provided are complimentary. Our tank are specially modified to make sure oil collection are more efficient. The valve are located at the lower side of the tank to prevent sediments from settling at the bottom of the chamber.

Types & Quantities of Wastes

The types and quantities of wastes that are allowed in off-site recovery process for our company is as follows:

No. Name of Waste Waste Code Maximum Quantity (per Month)
1 Used lubricating oil SW 305 230 MT
2 Used hydraulic oil SW 306 50 MT
3 Used oil coolant SW 307 20 MT
4 Slop oil SW 311 300 MT
5 Oil rags SW 410 10 MT
6 Used oil filter SW 410 25 MT