About Us

What does Anggun Kitar Resources Sdn Bhd do.


Initiated on 11th July 2011, Anggun Kitar Resources Sdn Bhd (AKRSB) chief purpose is to collect quality waste oil from customer round the region. In accordance with the country’s aspiration for a better quality of life, it is the nation’s policy that all stakeholders must ensure the environment is uncontaminated, safe, dynamic and in the pink. Closely associated with the enforcement, a compulsory guide developed by the Department of Environment (DOE) is needed to be complied in order to get the go-ahead nod for the business.

Abiding from a strict regime like ensuring unwanted waste to be disposed of properly, minimize the risk of emitting polluted fume into the atmosphere, reducing the creation of loud noises and the likes, our company has since acquired the approval by the Department of Environment (DOE). Hence, abating pollution, be it noise pollution, water pollution or air pollution, plays a crucial part for our business to smooth sail. AKRSB provides professional and sound solutions in waste oil recycling and treatment services with a view to environmental responsibility.